A deck is a wonderful extension to the exterior of your home, and provides a great place to relax and entertain guests.
Decks by Colonial Decks and Fences

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Fences perform many important functions on your property. Many factors must be taken into consideration when choosing to install a particular style of fence, including privacy, security and landscape enhancement.
Fences by Colonial Decks and Fences

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Initially, trellises were used to tame unruly plants that went sprawling with happy abandon throughout the garden. In recent years, trellis designs have made “The Trellis” as beautiful as the plants themselves. You can also enjoy the outdoors under the cool shadow of a trellis.
Trellises by Colonial Decks and Fences

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A high quality garden arbor adds a beautiful look to any yard or garden. Garden arbors work great with climbing plants and vines like climbing roses or ivy.
Arbors by Colonial Decks and Fences
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Railings are designed for use on balcony, stairs and can really finish up your deck design. The railings are manufactured to be both functional and decorative, harmonizing visually with any environment.
Railings by Colonial Decks and Fences
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A wide variety of the best products

Deck building materials don’t have to be restricted to just using wood. There are other non-wood decking alternatives that you can use that look just as good and are much easier to maintain.

The importance of high quality

We offer you the best products available on today’s market and can help you choose the right building materials to complement your house and landscape.

Excellent and professional service

We pride ourselves on our experience, workmanship and friendly reliability. This, in turn, provided us a number of referrals from existing customers.